Someone recreated Battlefield 1’s dog fights in Halo 5

The creativity is real!

You'll find some of the most creative people in the Halo community. These people are able to create some awesome maps through Halo's Forge mode, most of the time better than some of the actual maps created by 343. Players have created maps inspired by Star Wars, Assassin's Creed, and The Legend of Zelda, and they're awesome!

Recently, a player named JoeAct20 created a World War 1 map which puts Spartans in the pilots seat of a fighter plane as they fly through the skies taking out other enemy planes. The map is very timely as it seems inspired by Battlefield 1's excellent dog fighting mechanics which sees players flying over the battlefield providing air support and taking on other players in the sky.

To make this work, the player welded assets from Halo to a Warthog and Banshee to give it the look of a World War 1 fighter plane. You can view a video showing off the map below.