Someone made a working Pong game in Halo 5’s Forge

Is your paddle quick enough?

Halo 5 Minigame – Pong

It's just so awesome to see all the different things that people can come up with when a game opens itself up and lets them play around with its innards. That's precisely the kind of thing Halo 5's Forge offers people and this time we have a working Pong game to play around with. The way it works is that each player stands on either side of the massive TV, where a virtual controller sits beneath your character's feet. Players just move the paddle up and down, while trying to make their opponent miss the return volley in order to score a point.

Complicated right?

Halo 5's Forge has been the birthplace of some fantastic user creations including a replica of Mario 64's version of Bowser's Castle, Halo 2's 'Sacred Icon' level, and even Harry Potter's Hogwarts castle. And if for whatever reason you're dying to crunch some numbers, someone even made a working calculator.

Source: [Xbox One Subreddit]