Some theaters are refusing to show Star Wars: The Last Jedi due to terms from Disney

Uh oh...

Disney is one of the largest corporations in the world. Not only have they successfully created their own original properties in the form of Mickey Mouse, various popular Pixar films, and much more, but they've also bought the rights to some of the biggest moneymakers in Hollywood: Marvel and Star Wars.

They basically own the movie theaters during the summer and December, almost literally. In a new report from SlashFilm (via FilmSchoolRejects),  theaters are stating that they will not be showing Star Wars: The Last Jedi due to Disney's extreme conditions.

"Those terms include the fact that Disney will receive 65% of revenue from ticket sales, the highest percentage a Hollywood studio has ever demanded. They’re also forcing theaters to screen the film in their largest auditorium for at least four weeks. For previous Star Wars movies, the studio has required 64% of the revenue from ticket sales and four-week commitments, but typical Disney movies only require a two-week commitment."

If a theater were to ignore Disney's rules but still show The Last Jedi., they will face a penalty where they must give an extra 5% of ticket revenue to Disney, jacking it up to 70%. Typically, studios ask for a 55 – 60% cut but Disney is asking for way more. Some are concerned that if other companies see Disney has success with this plan, they'll follow suit or even raise ticket prices.

It's unclear if Disney will keep these conditions in place or if they'll make revisions after seeing how defiant some theaters are being.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th, 2017.