Some major retailers are reportedly canceling Nintendo Switch pre-orders due to a shortage

You might want to check your email.

The hype surrounding the Nintendo Switch is very real and no matter what happens now, the Switch launch is going to outclass the Wii U launch by a country mile. Which is exactly what Nintendo was hoping for. One thing they were hoping would not happen is what is being reported by some gamers who pre-ordered the console through GameStop or Target. Pre-orders are being canceled by both retailers without any warning, and the explanation is that more pre-orders were sold than the retailers ended up having in stock.

It's difficult to tell which end this is on, whether GameStop and Target's system just didn't update quickly enough, or if Nintendo had to re-allocate stock to other parts of the world to meet more immediate demand. Naturally, the fun thing for gamers to do is rage against the former, but simply wanting to steal people's money isn't exactly rational reasoning.

No doubt this will be frustrating to those who stayed up all night refreshing their browser windows and/or, but Nintendo has promised to try and increase their production to try in order to meet demand.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd, 2017.

Source: [Nintendo Today]