Some Dumbass Thinks Pokemon and Minecraft Are Demonic

 Neptune's Treasure is a fishy tale of theft and retaliation. Deep sea divers are trying to steal King Neptune's bounty of treasure – batter them all and scale your way out of the lethal chambers.


Pokemon is frequently being bashed by religious groups. It's nothing new. Hell, when I visited some family in Mexico a few years ago, I had people telling me that Pokemon was not only satanic but also bordering on pedophilia!

The latest bashing has come at the hands of some overweight jerk who claims Pokemon are demonic. According to this rotund ignoramus, Pokemon become more demonic when they evolve. The guy completely forgot to point out that Pokemon games tell tales of peace and prosperity and promote being close to those you care about.

The goof further makes an ass out of himself by mentioning how Minecraft is evil because kids get addicted to it. Isn't that game about building an environment and dedicating time to a creative effort? Seriously, this guy needs to lay off the fatty foods and get his facts straight. That reminds me, isn't gluttony a sin?

If you feel like checking out the absurdity of this wacky anti-gaming goon, watch the video on YouTube. Just don't let it get to you. I mean, we all know this guy's full of it. He's also full of cholesterol and possibly high blood pressure.