Some ‘big’ Terraria news planned for tomorrow

What could indie developer Re-Logic be cooking up now? Last we heard, the studio was pretty much finished with the 2D sandbox action-adventure game and was preparing for new ventures.

Now, though, the cryptic image below has popped up courtesy of Re-Logic and some major news is being teased for tomorrow. "Something big is coming to#Terraria … what do you think we'll be revealing tomorrow?" tweeted the developer.

So I ask you again, GameZone readers: What could Re-Logic have in store for gamers? I have no idea, though the general consensus is that that the studio will be announcing a Mac version of the game. That would certainly be nice. I also wouldn't mind a console version, as that would be equally nice.

Terraria launched last year on PC and delivered highly satisfying create-and-explore gameplay. I reviewed the game when it was first released and gave it an impressive 9 out of 10 score. Terraria also found itself on GameZone's list of top 10 indie games of 2011. So yeah, if it's made available through more platforms, that will definitely be good news.

We'll be watching out for whatever it is that Re-Logic announces tomorrow and share the news right here. Stay tuned!

Terraria Tease


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