Soldier of Fortune For Dreamcast Available Now


"Soldier of Fortune"
For Dreamcast Available Now Crave’s First Person Frag Fest Delights

Los Angeles – July 26, 2001 – Crave
Entertainment today announced the shipment of their latest Dreamcast title,
"Soldier of Fortune." This aggressive first person shooter presents
players with a variety of missions in which they eliminate the enemy with
extreme detriment.

The covert-operative missions pit
protagonist John Mullins against a fanatical and deadly terrorist organization
intent on mass murder and destruction. With stealth, skills, and an armory fit
for a small nation, "Soldier of Fortune" will give players an
experience like no other.

"Soldier of Fortune,"
brings 3D environments to life with 30 deadly international missions that run
the gamut from speeding African freight trains to Russian chemical plants. The
game’s precision shooting physics localizes damage: for example, a shot to the
opponent’s shoulder causes the arm to fall off, while a shot to the leg leaves
the target writhing and grabbing at the wound. It will require a quick trigger
finger and a keen eye to make your mark.

"Soldier of Fortune" for
Dreamcast is rated Mature and is available now.

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