SOE president John Smedley not backing down from Lizard Squad’s trolling

Sony's PlayStation Network may be back online, but notorious hacker group Lizard Squad isn't letting up when it comes to trolling Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley.

Amid all of the hacking chaos yesterday, John Smedley made the mistake of telling the internet he was flying. Lizard Squad took advantage of the information, tweeting to American Airlines that they'd been receiving reports that Smedley's plane had "explosives" on-board. As a result, the plane was diverted to a nearby airport and searched. Smedley acknowledged the issue, but didn't really comment any further. Instead, an official SOE spokesperson confirmed to us that the FBI would be getting involved.

Today, Smedley, who's one of the more outspoken figures in the video game industry, is back on Twitter. And he's not afraid to speak his opinion, calling Lizard Squad a bunch of "DDOS trolls."

Smedley went on to predict that these hackers would be caught within a year, even putting $100 on the line.

I don't know why Lizard Squad is targeting John Smedley specifically — maybe because he was one of the few responding to fans about the DDoS attacks — but it's pretty cool to see a Sony exec not back down from hacker threats.