Soda Pipes Released

Soda Pipes released

Athletic Design releases an
arcade puzzle game that radically improves on a classical theme.

Soda Pipes builds on the classic
build-a-pipeline theme but adds colorful, isometric 3d-graphics and several
innovations to the gameplay. Several flows may be running at the same time and a
flow may also split up into subflows. This has allowed the creation of clever
puzzles for the thoughtful mind as well as hectic game play for the arcade
addict. All in all, it is very different from what other games of the same genre
can offer.

Soda Pipes includes three gameplay
modes: Arcade, Puzzle and Adventure. Adventure features 28 unique and carefully
crafted levels.

A free demo of Soda Pipes can be
downloaded from:

Athletic Design is a small game
developer located in Southern Sweden dedicated to make small and intense games
with as little excess weight as possible. Games that are easy get into and
explore but has enough depth to offer even the most experienced gamer a long
lasting challenge.

Athletic Design – Lean & Mean Games