SOCOM II logs more player hours than ALL of Xbox Live

SOCOM II logs more player hours
than ALL of Xbox Live

As the summer months continue to
warm up, PlayStation 2 gamers are beating the heat, and beating up each other,
by playing more games online. We are seeing a huge uptake in the amount of
gamers that are playing online since early May. Perhaps it’s because school has
ended and gamers are finding more time to frag their friends online, or maybe
it’s purely due to beating the heat waves, but the numbers don’t lie. There has
been a marked increase in the number of online players for the top online
console game SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs. Here are a few of the updated numbers
for SOCOM II. Stay tuned for more great SOCOM II news in the very near future.

  • Since May 1st 2004 SOCOM II has
    averaged 373,000 player hours per day. By itself, SOCOM II is logging more
    player hours daily than ALL Xbox titles worldwide.

  • The total numbers of player hours
    for SOCOM II is fast approaching 94 million hours, or the equivalent of 10,835
    YEARS of straight gameplay.

  • Even nine months after launch,
    SOCOM II is still seeing more than 30,000 simultaneous users per day, far and
    away more than any other console title. That is like logging on and playing
    SOCOM II with the entire graduate and undergraduate student population of the
    University of Southern California!

  • On any average day, there are more
    than 103,000 unique SOCOM II accounts logging-in, which is equivalent to the
    entire capacity of the University of Michigan Stadium, one of the largest
    sporting venues in the United States. This many people are playing SOCOM II

If you have any questions or would
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Regards and happy gaming, Patrick
Seybold Sony Computer Entertainment America