So that’s why the BioShock Infinite DLC is taking so long…

Ken Levine, the creator of the BioShock series, is returning to his roots. Warner Bros. has hired Ken Levine to write the screenplay for a remake of Logan's Run, the 1976 science fiction cult classic. 

Logan's Run is based on the 1967 book by William F. Nolan and George Clayton. It's about a dystopian society in 2116 where people are executed at the age of 21 to control the population. The ones that try to escape their fate are called "runners." In the 1976 adaptation, the maximum age was 30, and the setting was a post-apocalyptic Earth inside a dome city. 

The remake of Logan's Run has been shaky over the past couple of years. Most recently, director Nicolas Winding Refn and actor Ryan Gosling were attached to the project, set to reunite from their 2011 film Drive. Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns) was also attached to the project at one point. 

Though Levine began his career as a screenwriter, he's made his mark as one of the most influential people in the video game industry. He'll continue his work as creative director and co-founder of Irrational Games, which is currently developing DLC for BioShock Infinite

I doubt he'd let this delay his work on BioShock Infinite DLC, but he better stay focused and get that DLC in my hands now! That said, Levine writing the Logan's Run remake is exciting, since he's one of the best storytellers I can think of in the history of video games.

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