So is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Exclusive to Xbox or not?

The more answers we get, the more confusing they become

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is the darling of the video game industry right now, having sold over 7 million copies on the PC while in Early Access. So when it was announced at E3 that the game would be coming to the Xbox One (S and X), many PS4 owners were notably and rightfully upset.

Since the announcement, things have been quiet from developer BlueHole, though the game has continued to sell well, its full release has been delayed, making some believe the Xbox One version wouldn't see its promised late 2017 release as well.

Release date aside, many PS4 owners and industry insiders have continued to press BlueHole about the "exclusivity" of PUBG and thus far, have not been given a straight answer. IGN's Destin Legarie took to Twitter to drill a PR person for PUGB with the Twitter handle "PoopieQueen" … I kid you not.

pubg conv.

So, rather than flat-out saying, no, PUBG is not coming to any other consoles, they continue to dance around the topic of timed-exclusive. The reason might be very simple, PUBG is really popular and has the potential to sell big on Xbox One and help boost the sales of the Xbox One X. However, if word gets around that Microsoft only has about 3-6 months of exclusivity before PUBG shows up on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, then customers may just wait it out and thus, it would affect sales of the Xbox One S and X. So while it makes sense for Microsoft and BlueHole to play coy, it still feels rather shady.