Sniper: Art of Victory Released to North American Retail

October 3, 2008

Sniper: Art of Victory Released to North
American Retail

City Interactive’s latest PC shooter takes aim
at store shelves

Hot on the heels of the release of their exciting
tactical shooter, SAS: Secure Tomorrow, City Interactive is pleased to announce
the release of Sniper: Art of Victory, to North American PC retail today.
Featuring graphics powered by the critically acclaimed Chrome engine, Sniper:
Art of Victory puts players into the boots of a WWII sniper as he attempts to
fend off German forces throughout key battles of WWII.

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a new Sniper: Art of Victory trailer.

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Victory, please visit

Sniper: Art of Victory drops players into the
thick of the action during various battles of WWII. Taking on the decisive role
of a military sharpshooter, it will be up to the player to track down and
eliminate key German targets, including the general in charge of the Stalingrad
assault. Realistic ballistics, true-to-life sniper rifles and a unique aiming
system ensure the ultimate combat experience for players.