Sniper Elite 4 Reaches Double the Frame Rate on PS4 Pro over Xbox One

PS4 Pro hits that Elite status.

Sniper Elite 4, the World War 2 Sniping simulator, has recently had its versions compared. Specifically the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One versions. 

According to Digital Foundry, the two perform quite differently. This isn't too surprising, considering the Microsoft's Project Scorpio has yet to launch, but the difference is pretty amazing. The PS4 Pro version of Sniper Elite 4 has its frame rates unlocked and usually hanging around 45-55 FPS. The regular PS4 and Xbox One versions don't quite hit that.

The standard PS4 hits around 30-40 FPS while the Xbox One is capped at 30 with no wiggle room, unless it's in a downward fashion, which it apparently dips to frequently. All three consoles, however, do render the game at 1080p, including the PS4 Pro when connected to a 4K TV. 

Rebellion, the developer of Sniper Elite 4 described their PS4 Pro support with "enhanced frame rate, improved lighting, and faster loading times."

Are you playing Sniper Elite 4 on a PS4 Pro? Have you played it on another console and noticed the difference?