SNES Classic Quickly Hits 2 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Nostalgia is a selling machine.

The SNES Classic. Perhaps you've heard of it? Coming hot on the heels of the extremely quick selling NES Classic, the SNES Classic has already sold 2 million units, according to Nintendo earlier today.

Given that the SNES Classic launched at the end of September, effectively making the sales window only a month long so far, this is quite an impressive haul. Seeing how the NES Classic sold, this comes to no surprise, but as a fan of retro and Nintendo specifically, this fills many of us with glee nonetheless.

Because of this high demand for classic gaming, Nintendo is warming up the factory to re-launch the NES Classic in 2018, so we may see both throw-back machines on shelves next to each other. That is, unless people buy them up too quickly. In regards to this, Nintendo said, "We are hoping that consumers eager to purchase this system will wait just a short while longer."

Nintendo doesn't seem to be done with the retro gig yet either. A Nintendo 64 Classic apparently may be next, according to a recently discovered trademark filing, found by users at NeoGAF.

The SNES Classic comes with 21 games, including the infamous Star Fox 2, which had previously never had an official release from Nintendo.