SNES Classic pre-orders sold out in 8 minutes at GameStop


The SNES Classic has been on the wish list for many gamers in 2017. Sadly, not everyone will be able to get one because it's a limited item and Nintendo is known for their shortages when it comes to hardware. Just look at last years NES Classic and then increase the odds by 5% if you're wondering if you'll be able to nab a SNES Classic.

The console sold out in 20 minutes when pre-orders went live at around 2 AM for retailers like Best Buy and Amazon. More pre-orders went live during the day at other retailers and they sold out even quicker. GameStop is reporting that their stock of SNES Classics was wiped out in just 8 minutes.

The amount of demand that we've seen on the website was certainly greater than the NES Classic when it first got out," said GameStop Senior Merchandising Director Eric Bright. "More and more people want it, and there were a lot of people that did not get an NES, so they're trying their hardest to get an SNES."

"We sold out in under ten minutes," he adds. "I want to say that we sold out in 8 minutes."

GameStop says they'll have more units available on launch day, in-store and online, but they can't say if any more units will be available to actually pre-order. If you want one, you might want to line-up outside the store before it opens on September 29th or see if your store is hosting a midnight launch.

I can personally attest to how quickly they sold out in-store. I went to grab one at GameStop the second pre-orders went live online and there was already 4 people in front of me and 4 more quickly followed in behind me after I got in line. I was able to snag one but the GameStop employee said that all of the people in our line snatched up the entire stock and told customers who were calling the store that they had already sold out.

The SNES Classic releases on September 29th for those lucky enough to obtain one.