Snapshot has launched on Steam

Indie developer Retro Affect's puzzle platformer Snapshot is now putting its camera to good use on Steam. The game launched several hours ago on Valve's digital download service, and it's primed and ready for you to explore its various puzzles and colorful worlds.

I had a chance to play Snapshot a few months ago at E3, and I had a great time. The visual style and melodic soundtrack really offered a nice presentation, and the puzzles were increasingly challenging. But fret not, PlayStation 3 and Vita owners, because Snapshot is still en route to Sony's line of gaming platforms.

You can download Retro Affect's puzzle platformer for $8.99 for a limited time, after which it will go up to $9.99. Additionally, you can also snag the game and soundtrack bundle, originally priced at $12.99, for $11.69. Not too shabby!

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