Snag Jet Set Radio HD today if you’re a PS Plus subscriber

If you were a big fan of the Dreamcast, then today is a nice day to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. You see, while everyone else has to wait another week to play the Dreamcast favorite Jet Set Radio, Plus members can download the game now.

You're not only getting to play this heralded Sega classic ahead of launch, though. You also get to save a buck while you're at it. Originally priced at $9.99, Jet Set Radio will run you $8.99 if you've got a Plus membership.

Now, you're probably saying to yourself, "But that's just a dollar." First off, stop talking to yourself, because it scares us and no one likes that about you. And second, you can buy so many things with a dollar, starting with a bag of potato chips.

So enough! If you dig Jet Set Radio and you're a Plus member, go check out the HD remake right now and prepare to relive all of that sweet, sweet nostalgia.

[PlayStation Blog]

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