Smyphony of Violence trailer for The Surge 2 preps you for the art of combat

You tear me apart Lisa!

Focus Home Interactive has released yet another new trailer for The Surge 2. This time, we get a melodic montage of gruesome dismemberment by way of razor-sharp melee weapons. Check out the trailer here!

Deck13’s sequel to 2017’s formidable action-RPG The Surge is very close to launch, and as such, we have been enjoying plenty of trailers for it recently. As a game of the soulslike genre, the actual combat is by far the most important aspect of the game, and Deck13 knows it very well. But that’s not the only reason why today’s trailer is focusing solely on the ferocious combat.

The Surge 2 brings back The Surge’s acclaimed combat system, allowing you to target and weaken enemy armor points so you can take the equipment for yourself, or aim for a weak spot and finish the fights quickly. Each fight becomes a desperate risk-versus-reward decision, and you must utilize all the tools in your arsenal to survive, including a customizable combat drone, game-changing implants, a new directional parrying system and many more…

Dismembering enemies is a satisfying way to end a tense battle but The Surge 2 is offering more than just gratuitous violence, as separating limbs from your adversaries has actual and meaningful reason. Just as its predecessor, players can strategically target specific limbs during combat which gives you the chance of looting valuable gear. But yes, it also looks simply gratifying.

But in case, a mere montage isn’t enough for you – no matter how awesome it is – make sure to check out a more calm developer walkthrough here, and watch the recent Story Trailer below.

The Surge 2 is launching for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 24th.