Smite: Zeus, God of The Sky, gets a reveal trailer

Being the king of gods in the Greek pantheon gives you a hell of a lot of power and hell of a lot of freedoms. When Zeus was ready to challenge his father Chronos, he split his stomach and freed his siblings from the titan’s gullet. As someone who expects justice from all, Zeus misses the mark on morality every chance he gets. Although married to Hera, he sleeps with countless women and often animals. Zeus is the perfect example of not acting as he preaches.

My love for mythology aside, Zeus has received a brand spanking new God Reveal for Smite. The God of The Sky reigns electrical death from the skies to dispatch his foes. Through building up charges, he can spike his damage and stun his foes allowing for a full rotation of electrical DPS. Check out his reveal video below and get your Smite on.