Smartphone app required for Splatoon 2 online voice chat and matchmaking

Your companion app is the key

As everyone gears up for the launch of the Nintendo Switch next month, we’re learning a bit more about online functionality on the new console, specifically with Splatoon 2.

The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account posted some details about online functionality for the sequel, which you can see below.

Roughly translated:

Splatoon 2 (will use) the "Online Lobby and Voice Chat" Smartphone app for Nintendo Switch. This app, linking with the game, is the (tool) to do matching in the game, and meeting up with friends invited by SNS and (friend list?), it even does voice chat.

Voice chat is also linked to the game.

For instance, in a private match, you can chat with all rendezvousing members before splitting into teams, and then the conversation changes to only speaking to those on the same team.

Now you can't converse with someone you don't know.

We already knew the Switch was going to include a smartphone companion app for online features, but the Splatoon 2 online functionality is showing us that in order to use Nintendo’s online features to its max, you’re going to need to be glued to your companion device while you play.