Smartdog Signs with Mathengine for PS2 Game




sports developers Smartdog have recently signed a deal with Oxford based
software engineers, Mathengine, designers of development tools for the
addition of physics-based behaviour into interactive 3D graphics applications.
Well known within the industry for their excellence in the field of simulation
and real-time coding, the team will assist Smartdog in their plans to release
a hugely playable, arcade perfect racer on the Playstation 2. 


Twigg, head of R&D at Smartdog commented, "We both understand and
realise the importance of making a game which the consumer perceives to be
realistic, by making something react and perform as close as possible to its
real-life counterpart, we aim to keep game players, and spectators, enthralled
with this title". "Mathengine’s assistance has allowed us to add a
second, razor sharp edge, to this title. The realistic vehicle physics,
combined with the immersive graphical detail of the environments and detailed
vehicle designs will give this game an overall look and feel which will
submerse the player in a world where he or she is totally in control".
Added Art Manager Kam Chana. 


title will boast the most realistic vehicle handling seen so far on the
next-generation console, and the realism will not stop there. The Smartdog
team have devised a substantially detailed vehicle break-up system (VBS),
which will utilise the rigid-body physics software from Mathengine, to give
crashes and collisions a more realistic feel. "In the past, collision
detail and its effects have been an afterthought for the game developer, we
have created a system that allows us to show detailed after effects of
collisions and major crashes as they happen. Vehicle body parts will separate
and react realistically with both the environment and other vehicles coming
into contact with them, causing the player to react accordingly. This will add
a further level of detail to the games already impressive list of
features," Stated Technical Director David Saunders.


Topping, game marketing manager at Mathengine told us "Smartdog’s game is
a fantastic showcase for our product, titled KARMA, and they’ve got some great
ideas for how they’re going to use it. The driving game-play and spectacular
crash results are an ideal use of this new technology, and can be implemented
in days rather than months". The inclusion of this groundbreaking
technology will also reduce optimisation time-frame’s, allowing programmers to
try new ideas quickly and more efficiently, leaving Smartdog time to
concentrate on this already fantastic looking and hugely playable game.