Slitherine Signs Deal with Matrix to Bring Spartan to Digital Download

Slitherine Signs Deal with Matrix to Bring
Spartan to Digital Download

Matrix Games to Bring Slitherine’s Spartan
to Digital Download Award Winning Predecessor to Gates of Troy to go Digital

Slitherine Strategies (

) and Matrix Games (

) are pleased to announce that the empire-building and ancient battles game,
Spartan will soon be available for download and purchase from the Matrix Games
Online Store in Digital Download format.

Spartan, the prequel to Gates of Troy, will
be retailing for $19.99 and available for worldwide download in the coming
weeks. Spartan is an immersive turn-based strategy game where diplomacy and
espionage are weapons as powerful as swords and shields. You build your empire
as you see fit, selecting the resources to mine, the research to study, and the
enemies to conquer. Build walls, siege castles, sabotage your enemies, and unite
Greece to defeat your enemies.

Spartan allows you to lead the nation of
Sparta to victory in some of the ancient world’s greatest battles. See the
military strength and of a small nation grow and flourish as you battle to unite
Greece. Control a vast empire and build wonders such as the Acropolis, the
Oracle, and The Colossus. Best of all it is 100% compatible with its sequel,
Gates of Troy, allowing you to combine the scenarios from these two games into
one collection. The Persians are coming… Will Sparta be ready?


Slitherine Strategies is part of Slitherine
Software, an independent UK developer. They are a small and highly talented team
who have been in the games industry since the early 1990’s. They are dedicated
to bringing highly playable and approachable strategy games to the mass market.
Two of the founding members are also world champions in tabletop wargaming,
giving them an incomparable insight into the workings of strategy games. This
combined with their experience of working on high profile entertainment software
ensures that their games are both highly addictive and historically accurate.
Legion, Slitherine’s first game, sold over 150,000 copies worldwide and is still
selling. Visit their website at


Matrix Games produces, markets and publishes
historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products. Since 2000,
Matrix Games has published many award-winning games, including Highway to the
Reich, Starships Unlimited, Uncommon Valor and Korsun Pocket. Matrix Games is
based in Staten Island, New York. For more information, visit the Matrix Games
website at