Slingshot Opens Soul Ride Hall of Fame


your friends and devastate your enemies at the Soul Ride Hall of Fame


MA January 17, 2001.


Game Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of The Soul Ride Hall
Of Fame. The Hall is a section of the Slingshot web site where players of Soul
Ride and Virtual Stratton can upload recordings of their best runs. Recordings
are reviewed by Slingshot, and are then available for anyone to download and
check out on the Soul Ride VCR. The Hall Of Fame includes sections for the top
score on each one of the available runs in Soul Ride and Virtual Stratton, so
tune up your skills and see how you stack up against the world’s best.


built The Hall to showcase the hottest runs on each of the mountains it
created. Part of the beauty of Soul Ride is that each run down the slope is
recorded and can be saved and sent to friends in a compact format. Since Soul
Ride first started selling, players have been exchanging runs and showing off
their best moves and so Slingshot created a spot to capture the best of the


part of the unique quality of the Soul Ride Hall Of Fame, Slingshot is going
to be offering prizes to the winners of contests as we move forward. Our first
contest starts today and runs for two weeks. The contest, “Best score at
Tucks” is looking for the highest scoring run at Tuckerman Ravine that is
submitted within the next two weeks. Check back at the site for details of our
prizes, but the first prize will be a great new snowboarding video, TB9. Check
it out at
and see why we picked it.


luck and have fun


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