Slender: The Arrival preorders come with beta access

You can now preorder the PC version of Slender: The Arrival, and doing so comes with some benefits.

The Arrival is Parsec Productions commercial sequel to the indie hit Slender, and it's releasing on March 26. But you can secure beta access if you preorder the game now.

"The beta will contain our revamped update of the now infamous forest from Slender: The Eight Pages," reads publisher Blue Isle Studios' website. "Get ready to experience the fear all over again."

The game will sell for $10 on launch day, but those who purchase early can receive up to a 50 percent discount. Blue Isle is opting for a "pay what you want" model — almost. You can buy The Arrival for as low as $5 or pay up to $60 for some bonuses. The tiers are detailed below.

$5.00 – Pre-order Discount

We’ll give you a downloadable copy of the game on release, as well as access to our beta test today

$10.00 – Retail Price

Same as the pre-order discount, but you are feeling generous. Thank you!

$15.00 – Soundtrack Edition

You get a downloadable copy of the game, access to the beta, and a downloadable copy of the game’s soundtrack on release day

$25.00 – Special Edition

We’ll send you everything listed above, plus 5 downloadable high resolution paintings from the game

$60.00 – Producer's Edition

You get everything listed above, plus a very special thank you with your name listed in the game’s credits alongside the developers

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