Sleepwalker’s Journey looks like a lovely mobile puzzle platformer

The upcoming PlayStation Network version of Anomaly: Warzone Earth is due out sometime this summer, but that isn't the only game indie developer 11 bit studios is currently working on. The company has another digital download offering in the works, and it looks really promising.

Sleepwalker's Journey is a 2D puzzle platformer starring a sleepwalking child named Moonboy. It seems the sleepy protagonist decided to snooze on the moon, but when the moon lets out a massive sneeze, it sends Moonboy right into a dream world. It's up to you to guide the sleepwalking Moonboy through several dream stages and get him safely to his bed.

Sleepwalker's Journey has an absolutely lovely art style. The game boasts some nice color usage and environmental designs, and the whole thing just has this calming charm to it. Check out the trailer above and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Watch out for Sleepwalker's Journey on iOS and Android platforms.

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