Sleeping Dogs movie finally moving forward with Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen isn't letting Sleeping Dogs lie.

Years ago, a movie was greenlit for a Sleeping Dogs, Square Enix’s Hong Kong crime game. Donnie Yen was cast to play the undercover cop Wei Shen and it seemed like things were gaining a lot of momentum… and then silence. No updates for years.

Now, Yen announced via his Instagram that the Sleeping Dogs film will be his “next challenge”.

“I am excited to start preparing for the next challenge and aiming to make another breakthrough movie!” said Yen in his caption for the post which was hashtagged with “Sleeping Dogs” and “The name is Wei Shen”.

It seems like the project is indeed moving forward and will likely begin filming soon, pending coronavirus regulations. Donnie Yen is known for his mastery of martial arts on film, a crucial part of Sleeping Dogs. He played a force sensitive monk-type in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and is known for his role in the Ip Man series. Yen also doubles as a director and action choreographer in a number of action-heavy films.

The film doesn’t have a release date right now but one can imagine, we’ll be seeing it in the next couple of years.