Skyrim Statues: Coming To A Retailer Near You

I bet you were happy when you found out that included in Skyrim’s Collector’s Edition was a 12″ dragon statue. The first thing I did was clear the abundance of Mountain Dew cans off my desk to make a pretty little space for it. Then Bethesda graced me with these new Dragonborn statue pictures on the company’s Facebook page.

Why couldn’t Bethesda include THESE in the Collector’s Edition?! Sure, the dragon statue is more of a space saver, but I’m sure I could clear some space for this 7 foot, bronzed retail statue featuring a horned character wielding a giant sword. Hell, I don’t even need it to come included, I would go out and purchase this badass statue separately! Unfortunately, they are for retail only and will be featured in retail stores globally prior to the release of Skryim.

Please, Bethesda, have some sore of contest where I can win this!