Skyrim Patch 2.01 Now Available for PS3 in Europe

The much-awaited The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim patch 2.01 is rolling out now for PlayStation 3.  PS3 owners can now, or should soon be able to, download the 92MB patch supposedly aimed at fixing the horrendous lag issues PlayStation 3 gamers have put up with since launch.

Skyrim's 2.01 update is hitting PS3 consoles across Europe, with other regions sure to follow.  But how is the community reacting to the new update?  Is it fixing the lag issues suffered from abnormally large save file sizes?  Skyrim players have begun sounding off on the Bethesda forums

While some have noticed an overall improvement in the framerate and a more stable experience, many PS3 users still don't think the game is up to par and are still experiencing lag issues.  As anticipated we are getting reports from users saying all sorts of different things.  Some say it works, some say it doesn't, some say the patch works temporarily and then goes back to the lag.

A recent poll on the forums has the majority saying that the patch fixed lag issues "for a while", but the lag is now back to normal.  Save sizes are still coming in between 6-15 MB.

One user reported, "It worked for an hour then the same old horrific lag."

Another user has reported that the "frame rate drops are not gone at all (still there but less then before). Since the new patch i get stuck ingame (something I've never had before!!!) …and STUCK = STUCK !!! (can't save or go into ps3 menu, …)"

Now the patch has just been released, so it is possible that PS3 users are jumping the gun.  I'd suggest playing for a few hours to see if anything has really been fixed.

Bethesda's Pete Hines has promised to "provide a list of fixes" so we will be sure to be on the lookout for those.  Check back for the official Skyrim