Skyrim Hoarders makes you feel guilty about the way you play

If you've played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, chances are you're guilty of having too much loot. We've all done it. I have many not-so-fond memories of carrying too much stuff and walking super slow around dungeons as I make my way to the exit, all because I can't let go of certain items I find. And in case you've never played Skyrim and you're confused, it's not like I physically can't let go–I just don't want to leave anything behind. Hey, I might need it! At the very least, I can sell it for a pretty penny, right?

A new sketch recently popped up on College Humor. Skyrim Hoarders tells the story of a Skyrim thief who just refuses to get rid of all the items he's acquired during his travels. I just started playing Skyrim a couple of weeks ago, and I've been putting in as much time as possible in between work and playing review copies of other games, and I can attest to the fact that sometimes you obtain too much crap.

What's funny is that by "crap" I actually mean "loot." In Skyrim Hoarders, though, the dude actually collects crap … as in feces. Hey, he might need to make a potion!

It's a pretty funny sketch, and if you're a fan of Skyrim, I would suggest checking it out for a good chuckle. It's thought it was good, even if it did make me feel like a jackass for always stocking so much rubbish. Hey, I swear I'm going to read all of those books! I just haven't had time, OK? Geez …