Skyrim Dragonborn coming to PS3 and PC in ‘early 2013’

Did I just read that correctly? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PlayStation 3 is actually getting DLC!? 

Bethesda announced today that Skyrim's next add-on, titled Dragonborn, will be available on both PS3 and PC "early next year." It will be available tomorrow on Xbox LIVE. Still, it's exciting news that Bethesda has actually revealed it will be for PS3.

Fans on Sony's console have been without DLC for months now, while having to watch their Xbox 360 brethren enjoy additional add-ons like Heartfire and Dawnguard‚Äč. Bethesda and its VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines has attempted to fan the fires, but to no avail. PS3 owners want their DLC, but it looks like they'll get it soon…at last.

Will you get Dragonborn on PS3 or is it too late by now?