Skullgirls delisting delayed; ‘Skullgirls Encore’ coming in January

Following the threat of the fighting game's delisting from Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games announced that former publisher Konami has agreed to delay the removal.

"On December 31st, Skullgirls will be temporarily removed from the PSN Store and Xbox Live Marketplace while we transition the game to new publishers," Lab Zero wrote in an update today. "To mark the console beginning of the era funded by our Indiegogo campaign, Skullgirls will be reborn as 'Skullgirls Encore' when it returns.

"We expect this transition to be complete sometime in January 2014."

How the transition works for gamers depends on their region. For the U.S., anyone who purchased Skullgirls through PSN will receive Skullgirls Encore for free, "similar to a PS3/PS4/Vita Cross-Buy." Players can download the game from its product page in the PlayStation Store.

Original Skullgirls downloadable content will not be compatible with Encore, which is a "'new' and distinct game," but the upcoming Squigly character DLC will be free for three months and the character color bundle (replacing the original character color packs) for a limited time.

Skullgirls has been handled by a number of developers, including Konami and Autumn Games.