Skullgirls announces release date and price

The 2D fighter with the amazing art style has revealed a price and release date.  Skullgirls will be out for Xbox Live Arcade on April 11th for 1200 Microsoft Points.  That means we still have to wait for another nine days.  I feel like I’ve been waiting for this game forever – it’s comforting knowing that the wait it whittling down.

All the girls competing have a wish they desire to come true which can only be granted by winning the tournament.  The catch is, if you’re not pure at heart than you will become the next Skillgirl and not get your wish.  Do you have both the might AND purity to make your wish come true?  Come April 11th you’ll final know.  Here’s to anxiously waiting.  PS3 has yet to announce an official release date but we’ll keep you updated.