Skull girls story mode trailer

EVERY girl wants to have her one wish come true.  If this tanks means fighting off other girls to obtain the ‘Skull Heart’ then that’s just something that needs to be done.  Here’s the catch though, are you pure of heart?  Man it would suck if you defeated all the other girls fighting for their wish to come true, defeat the evil Skullgirl, just to replace Skullgirl and never get your wish.  What a poor fate!

Most likely you are not after the Skull Heart.  For those who are, Revenge Labs, Autumn Games, and Konami have released a new story mode trailer for Skullgirls.  This trailer covers some of the characters who will inhabit this fighting game.  While they may be great fighters… are they pure of heart?

While there still isn’t an official release date, the game boasts to come out early 2012.  That sounds soon.  The Skull Heart will be in your hands soon.  Or will it?  Check out the characters in the video attached.