Size matters, and Torchlight 2 is freaking massive!

Runic Games has revealed a new infographic giving us a nice look at just how massive their upcoming hack n' slash Torchlight 2 will be, and possibly explaining why the game has seen repeated delays.

Torchlight 2, which has no confirmed release date, is "close to four times the scale of its predecessor as far as assets go, and probably close to that as far as playtime," explained Runic president Travis Baldree on the official Torchlight 2 blog.

Below are some fun facts about the assets of Torchlight 2 along with a graphic to further illustrate the difference in scale between the two games.

  • 44 Unique areas (not counting secret areas or Phase Beast areas, or random maps )
  • 183 Unique monster variants ( this does not count champion variants, of which there are MANY more than Torchlight 1 )
  • 148 total monster abilities ( this does not count boss abilities or champion abilities – this is for the rank and file )
  • 27 bosses/boss battles
  • About 85 unique wardrobe sets
  • About 395 unique weapon models
  • About 120 unique player skills ( not counting spells)
  • About 1200 room layouts for assembling levels (these are subrandomized as well)
  • About 1344 item affixes
  • About 5773 items (no goofy item replication!)
  • 62 music tracks
  • About 300 monster models – not counting bosses or NPCs (There are often visual variants to a single monster type, for spice, or champion variants)
  • 5665 room pieces (the raw props used to build levels)
  • 5329 animation files
  • 5444 texture files

5,773 items!? Holy sh*t! Those are definitely some staggering numbers.

To sum it up, Torchlight 2 is going to be massive. And I'm ok with any delays as long as Runic uses the time to polish and create the best game experience possible.