Sine Mora is cheap on Green Man Gaming (like $2 cheap)

The PC version of Sine Mora is pretty cheap across multiple outlets right now. That said, it's cheapest on Green Man Gaming, where you can snag it for a deliciously low $1.99.

As tweeted by Cheap Ass Gamer, inputting the voucher code GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK will save you some coinage on the time-based shoot 'em up. It should be noted that Sine Mora is already available for $2.49, which is cheap in its own right. Still, if you can save some extra juice money, why not?

There's no exact word on how long this enticing sale will last, so if you've been meaning to play Sine Mora on the PC, now's the time to do so. Get to it!

[Green Man Gaming via Joystiq]

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