Simulate the ’08 World Series at

October 29, 2008

Simulate the ’08 World Series at

Baseball Boss has launched a 2008
World Series mini-game where baseball fans can run a simulation of the current
matchup of the Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies, using a special edition
of virtual baseball cards featuring the two World Series team lineups.

To play the simulation, go to:

Baseball Boss’ simulation runs a
seven game series pitting the Phillies vs. the Rays with a special 2008 World
Series edition of Baseball Boss cards. Baseball fans don’t need to be registered
to play and they can replay the best of seven series between the two teams as
often as they like. Players can register for Baseball Boss for free, where they
receive their own starter pack of cards and compete against thousands of other
players head-to-head.

Baseball Boss is a free-to-play
online baseball game. It combines the pastime of baseball card collecting with
fantasy baseball simulation. Players can compete head-to-head with other players
in a variety of game play modes. Baseball Boss is an official licensee of MLB
Advanced Media and the MLBPA.

For more information on Baseball
Boss or to sign up and play for free, go to: