Sims 4 developers hear your toddler demands ‘loud and clear’

Maybe I'm reading a little too much into a simple tweet, but it sounds as if EA and Maxis are working to implement toddlers into The Sims 4. It may not make it into the launch of the game, but judging by a tweet from Sims 4 producer Grant Rodiek it looks like the team is focused on delivering this highly-requested feature to fans.

Responding to fans in a Q&A session on Twitter, Rodiek told fans that they "hear you loud and clear" when it comes to toddlers in The Sims 4.

His added smiley face emoticon makes me believe that it's a feature they are currently working on, but can't yet announce. Again though, this could be me reading too much into the situation. 

"Trust me, we listen to you guys," Rodiek tweeted later on in response to a fan accusing EA of having a "we don't care" attitude. "We are doing SO MUCH behind the scenes."

Back in June, it was discovered that The Sims 4 will not have toddlers or pools at launch, with EA saying it just wasn't possible to include every single feature and content from past games into The Sims 4. This announcement was met with sharp criticism by fans. Despite EA's attempt at offering a reason for such a decision, many fans have threatened to cancel their pre-orders because of it. Obviously this doesn't sit well with EA.

"The truth is, if we don't buy your games, we fail," Rodiek added.

Let's just hope that if EA is working on toddlers, they won't arrive in the form of an expansion.