SimCity: You build it, natural disasters destroy it. Be prepared!

Just as in real life, disasters in SimCity can strike at any time, without even a moments notice. There's really no defense against a tornado, or an earthquake…or a UFO. There's only acceptance and preparation.

Our good friends at Maxis have released a new Public Service Pictures' film, "How to Deal with Disasters", which teaches you how to protect and prevent disasters in their upcoming game SimCity. As I mentioned, there really is no prevention, just preparation. Using the tips in this video, you can ensure the least amount of damage to your city. 

Basic prevention requires three main buildings: fire stations, police stations, and hospitals. Of course, you'll also need to properly fund each of these city service facilities to ensure they are fully capable of handling a natural disaster. In the video below, you'll see three different cities experience natural disasters and you can decide for yourself if they took the proper precautions.