SimCity mod Project Orion expands plots

In March of 2013, we were met with a disaster of a game launch – but the problems didn't end after the game launched. No, they carried on and took a toll. The game in question is SimCity (5). 

Maxis' 'reboot' of the beloved series was not greeted with open arms, it was greeted with anger and despair from fans. The always-on DRM, traffic and map size were all a point of contention between fans and the developers. It even got to a point where the lead designer, Simon Fox, took to the SimCity blog and stated that removing always-on DRM wasn't as "simple as flipping a switch." Turns out it was. They turned off the always-on DRM, sending SimCity in the directions fans wanted.

When it comes to map size, however, Maxis' general manager, Patrick Buechner confirmed we wouldn't be seeing bigger cities. Taking to the SimCity blog he wrote: "We recognise that many players have expressed the desire to build up one big city rather than manage the interrelationship of multiple smaller cities…After months of testing, I confirm that we will not be providing bigger city sizes."

No, Maxis won't be providing bigger cities, but modders will be. A mod called Project Orion takes the original plot size and makes it almost double the size. While it's not perfect – there are some issues with roads and boundaries – the mod might just be the thing that brings you back to SimCity.

Here's a look at the mod:

Head here for details and to download it.

Will this mod bring you back to SimCity? Let me know!