Silicon Knights Shows Off the Inner Workings of Too Humans Co-Op Mode

May 30, 2008

Silicon Knights Shows Off the
Inner Workings of “Too Human’s” Co-Op Mode

Video Available for Download on
Xbox LIVE Marketplace this Friday, May 30

Watch Denis Dyack and Team Showcase
the Intuitive Features and Fun-Filled Experience of Co-Op Mode, and Check Out an
All-New Chapter of “The Goblin Man of Norway”

As the countdown continues to “Too
Human’s” August 19 release, gamers can now experience the fourth installment of
the game’s video diary series available for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace
this Friday, May 30. Prepare to discover the true meaning of cooperative play as
Silicon Knights gives gamers an all-access pass at the intricacies of the
title’s co-op mode. Gamers will have an exclusive look at “Too Human” gameplay
as they learn about what playing with partners over Xbox LIVE is all about –
working in tandem with their customized characters to hunt and gather loot with
one another while slashing hordes of monsters.

Click here to download the new Too Human video.

Silicon Knights’ director and
president, Denis Dyack, and director of design, Henry Sterchi, explain how
players will distribute their loot, build their characters and execute killer
combos. Both Dyack and Sterchi also demonstrate additional features, such as the
ability for players to explore skill trees to discover the depth and diversity
of classes, as well as the ability for players to begin levels in different
sections – a convenient feature for those who want to jump out of a game and
jump back in without losing significant progress within a stage.

The video diary also includes the
second installment of the three-part documentary titled, “The Goblin Man of
Norway: The Examination.” Researchers and scholars continue to shed light on the
findings and examination of the “Goblin Man.” For more information and updates
on “The Goblin Man,” viewers can continue to visit

Too Human is rated ‘T’ for teen,
ages 13 years and up.