Silicon Knights Isn’t Done with Too Human Trilogy

Speaking with IndustryGamers, Denis Dyack, head of Silicon Knights, stated that the Too Human sequels will still happen. “We intend to finish the trilogy but no comment beyond that … You know, there’s very public litigation around that.”

He’s referring to the case between Epic and Silicon Knights, which is set to go to court. Could the series itself be tied up in this legal mess?

The original Too Human suffered a lot of heat for disappointing players after a protracted, ten-year development cycle. But it wasn’t until the game went into serious development on the Unreal Engine that problems began to arise. Only a year before release, Silicon Knights ditched the Unreal Engine in favor of an in-house engine. The result was a buggy, unpolished final product and a court battle that won’t go away.

It would explain a lot if further development in the series were held up by this case. The game received almost no support post-release despite the wealth of issues, and its DLC shop went completely unused.

Many are probably wondering why Silicon Knights would even bother at this point, but arguably, few games have as much room to improve in a sequel as Too Human. Yes, it was unpolished and diminished by several annoying issues, but it also had a ton of potential. Some people (me included) saw that possibility and loved the game despite its flaws. For the sake of the game’s small fan base, here’s hoping Dyack is serious about finishing the trilogy.

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