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Suite Helps Home Decorating Enthusiasts Visualize Improvements on the Home PC


Wash. – SierraHome(tm) today announced the release of Custom Home 3D Design
4.0, an innovative suite of five software programs, designed to empower and
inspire with fresh ideas for the home. Whether a bold remodel or softening
touches are in the plans, Custom Home 3D Design 4.0 includes all the tools to
design, budget, visualize and share home decorating plans from the desktop.


Home 3D Design 4.0 users will learn professional design techniques from the
all-new Home Design Guide, glean ideas from thousands of show-quality homes
and designer rooms, modify photos of their homes with new décor ideas, and
actually design photo-realistic 3D renderings of their dream living space. In
addition, users can share 3D home plans and a take a real-time photo-realistic
walkthrough with friends and family over the Internet.

Home 3D Design 4.0 includes: * All-new Home Design Guide – The ultimate
resource for home design and decorating questions. * All-new Designer Rooms
Library – 300+ showcase designs of 3D sample rooms, created to inspire. *
Sierra Home Architect 4.0 – Award-winning 3D home design and remodeling
program. * The Interior Design Collection – 2,000+ photos of inspirational
show homes from The Street of Dreams(r) Collection. * Photo Home Interiors –
Users can visualize new décor by modifying an actual home photo on screen. *
Powerful Internet Functionality -Home plans can be shared with contractors or
friends over the Internet using the Design Sharing feature. Expert advice and
homeowner hints are available on SierraHome’s Web site,


Design Guide Getting started on a home project is simple with the all-new Home
Design Guide, the ultimate reference for home design and decorating advice.
Professional designers instruct on how best to choose and apply color, enhance
small or dimly lit spaces with creative lighting techniques, maximize space
and rearrange furniture for a fabulous new look, and much more. Expert content
is organized in a handy HTML format that can be referenced throughout the
design process.


Rooms Library Why reinvent the wheel? Save time by choosing from hundreds of
professionally designed rooms and floorplans, then customize your design with
2 million winning combinations of furnishings, fixtures, brand name
appliances, textures, materials, and more.

Home Architect 4.0 Sierra Home Architect 4.0 includes an all-new tutorial that
walks beginners through the design process from start to finish. More than 250
professional floor plans and designer rooms are available to begin with, or
users can replicate rooms from their own home inch-by-inch and remodel on
screen. The improved interface guides users through the process of planning
the layout in 2D, while a split screen displays the 3D rendering
simultaneously. Every detail of the home can be customized to try out new
looks, with enhanced 3D imaging and more than 4,000 3D objects, including
furnishings, brand name appliances, and home accessories. Users can even
change the lighting in their computer-designed dream home to visualize the
look in morning, afternoon and night, with lights on or off. In addition, more
than 1,000 paint, wood, wallpaper and stone textures are available with tile,
wallpaper, carpet and textiles to help users visualize flooring, upholstery,
window treatments, and more.


can walk or fly through their design in photo-realistic 3D or take a snapshot
to share with friends, architects, contractors or designers, over the
Internet. Itemized shopping lists can also be created to monitor costs and
ensure the design plans are consistent with the budget.

Home Architect has export capability to professional Computer Aided Design
(CAD) software programs in DFX format, and can be shared with professional
designers or architects in this format.


Design Collection More than 2,000 photos of stunning, show-quality homes are
available through this visually appealing digital picture collection. The
easy-to-browse showcase of Street of Dreams(tm) home photos is organized by
style, so users can find exactly what they have in mind – from traditional,
French country, contemporary, and more. Users can peruse some of the most
beautiful homes in America from the comfort of their own homes for inspiration
and endless decorating ideas.


Home Interiors Homeowners can preview how a project will impact the look of
their home by using Photo Home Interiors for a sneak peek. Users start by
scanning in a photo of their home’s interior or inserting a photo disc, and
then simply rearrange furniture, add accessories, and give the room a virtual
face-lift onscreen with the click of the mouse. With Photo Home Interiors,
users can experiment with different types of floor covering and vivid shades
of paint, as well as choosing from over a thousand accessories, textures and
other décor items to add to their photo and liven up any room.

Functionality The SierraHome Network’s caters to today’s handy
homeowners (and those who are just getting started) by offering free advice
and reliable guidance on hundreds of home improvement projects. Featuring the
most comprehensive home improvement encyclopedia, over a dozen easy-to-use
calculators and estimators, a fully-stocked Tool Dictionary, and message
boards for sharing home design and decorating tips and questions, is an essential online reference for do-it-yourself home
projects. In addition, Sierra Home Architect users can chat and exchange ideas
using the Design Sharing feature. All that’s required by both users is Sierra
Home Architect software and an Internet connection.

Availability and System Requirements Custom Home 3D Design 4.0 is available on
CD-ROM for an estimated street price of $49.99. Custom Home 3D Design 4.0 is
available at most software retailers, online at,
or by calling (800) 757-7707. System requirements include: Windows(r)
98/95/NT/2000, Pentium(r) 133 or better with 16 MB RAM and 50 MB HD space.


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