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announces Complete Home 3D Design CD-ROM for home and garden design and
do-it-yourself maintenance advice.


Wash. – SierraHome(tm) today announced the release of Complete Home 3D Design
4.0, a homeowner’s dream with eight easy-to-use home design, decorating and
home improvement software tools for the PC. As the most complete home and
garden design software available on the market, Complete Home 3D Design
empowers computer users with the best available tools to visualize, plan and
execute any home or landscape design project, whether starting from scratch or
remodeling an existing home. Features new to Complete Home 3D Design include
new scan-and-trace floorplans, a helpful Home Design Guide and new landscaping
and gardening tools.


until February 28, 2001, Complete Home fans can enter a sweepstakes to win a
$25,000 kitchen remodel. Sweepstakes and registration information is available
online at or on boxes of SierraHome Complete
Home 3D Design. No purchase is necessary to enter or win.

Home 3D Design is comprised of eight powerful programs: * Sierra Home
Architect 4.0 – design rooms or an entire home from the ground up, and then
experience it via a 3D walk-through. * Photo Home Interiors – visualize a
redecorated interior using an actual home photo. * Home Design Guide –
building advice and ideas for interior design. * Home Improvement Encyclopedia
– reference tips on almost any project in the home. * Electrical Wiring –
safely rewire the den or living room with tips from professionals.


. .and don’t forget about those outdoor projects . . . * Photo Garden Designer
– view a new landscape with photo-realistic clarity – scan in yard photos and
add plants, trees and shrubs to the landscape for a quick preview. * Garden
Encyclopedia – search through more than 3,000 plants, trees and shrubs for
those that match personal landscaping needs. * 3D Deck – plan and build an
attractive and affordable deck.


3D Design Tools Sierra Home Architect (SHA) 4.0 is the core application of the
Complete Home suite, enabling computer users of any skill level to design,
remodel and redecorate their homes on screen before making expensive changes.
Step-by-step, SHA walks users through the creation of everything from a simple
floorplan to a multi-story house; users will appreciate the convenient
split-screen interface that lets them design in 2D while viewing in 3D mode.
With the new floorplan scan-and-trace feature, floorplans can be developed
from scratch or from existing plans by scanning them in and tracing them
within the program. Itemized shopping lists can also be created to monitor
costs and ensure the design plans are consistent with the budget.


addition, users can share 3D home plans and take a real-time photo-realistic
3D WalkAbout(tm) with friends, architects, contractors or designers over the
Internet. SHA users can chat and exchange ideas with friends and family using
the Design Sharing feature. All that’s required by both users is SHA software
and an Internet connection. SHA 4.0 even has export capability for popular
Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs in DXF format, a valuable option for
sharing plans with professional designers or architects.


no home is complete without a deck! Designing a safe and attractive deck is
easy with guidance from 3D Deck. This easy-to-use planning tool allows users
to create their deck on screen in 2D and experience it in 3D. 3D Deck designs
can now be exported into full home plans in SHA so users can visualize the
entire deck and house together.


Gratification for Indoor and Outdoor Renovation How better to envision a
remodeled living room or relandscaped yard than with an actual photo?
Requiring only a digital photo of a home’s interior or exterior, imported by
way of a scanner, digital camera or photo disc, homeowners can rearrange
furniture, redecorate an entire room or add accessories to their home’s
exterior on screen before doing any back-breaking work. With Photo Home
Interiors, decorators can choose from more than 1,000 images of home
furnishing, textures and décor items to add to photos. Photo Garden Designer
includes a library of more than 1,000 objects and textures for the garden,
including trees, plants, gazebos, grass, walkways and lawn furniture. All
items can be turned, skewed and tilted to create a realistic photo image.


Tools for the Do-It-Yourselfer Home Improvement Encyclopedia provides
do-it-yourselfers with the information they need to successfully complete a
variety of home projects, from installing a new ceiling fan to fixing a
garbage disposal. Product highlights include: expert advice on more than 500
home improvement projects, instructional videos, animations, illustrations,
photos and one-click access to Internet home improvement updates.

Design Guide is the ultimate design resource for all things interior. Creative
advice and valuable tips from home design professionals make it easy to learn
how to use and apply color, arrange furniture, plan for lighting needs and


Encyclopedia comes to the aid of those involved in outdoor design projects and
is a phenomenal resource with more than 3,000 full-color photos of plants,
trees and shrubs. A one-button search feature allows users to quickly find
answers to common gardening questions.

Wiring is a multimedia reference program that guides users through home wiring
repairs and improvements. Electrical Wiring provides more than 100 images of
tools and materials, explanations on how to use them, and a helpful
trouble-shooting feature.
The SierraHome Network’s caters to today’s handy
homeowners (and those who are just getting started) by offering free advice
and reliable guidance on hundreds of home improvement projects. Featuring the
most comprehensive home improvement encyclopedia, over a dozen easy-to-use
calculators and estimators, a fully-stocked Tool Dictionary, and message
boards for sharing home design and decorating tips and questions, is an essential online reference for do-it-yourself home


Availability and System Requirements Complete Home 3D Design 4.0 is available
on CD-ROM for Windows(r) 2000/98/95 at an estimated street price of $69.95.
The program will run on a Pentium(r) 133 or higher with 16 MB RAM and 60 MB of
free hard drive space. Complete Home 3D Design 4.0 is available at all major
software retailers, at 800-757-7707 and at


Home 3D Design 4.0 is developed by SierraHome, Sierra On-Line’s home
productivity software division. SierraHome publishes top-selling software in
categories including home publishing, family heritage, cooking, gardening,
home design, personal improvement, and digital imaging. Visit
for free home improvement updates and gardening tips.


On-Line, Inc. is one of the original developers and
largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity
software. Sierra is a division of Havas Interactive, a global leader in
interactive content, and is one of the world’s largest publishers of
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