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Console Presence to Feature Award-Winning Games


WA (May 15, 2001) – Sierra On-Line announced today a varied and exciting
lineup of titles to be showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in
Los Angeles, South Hall booth #1100 from May 17th – 19th. Sierra will present
a slate of ten groundbreaking titles on the show floor and one game behind
closed doors.


lineup includes both PC and next-generation console games. PC games include,
Empire Earth(tm), Arcanum(tm), Throne of Darkness(tm), Half-Life(r): Blue
Shift as well as games that fall under the recently-announced worldwide
co-publishing agreement with Fox Interactive, Aliens vs. Predator(tm) 2, and
Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza(tm). Next-generation console gamers will be treated
to such award-winning franchises as Half-Life(r), Tribes(tm) and No One Lives
Forever(tm) soon-to-be released on PlayStation(r)2 computer entertainment
system. On the Xbox(tm) video game system, Microsoft’s future-generation video
game console will be Jonny Drama(tm), a completely original title developed
exclusively for the platform. Finally, the newly announced game based on J.R.R.
Tolkien’s worldwide best-selling novel The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship
of the Ring, will make its debut on the Xbox behind closed doors.


2001 E3 line-up, more than ever before, reflects how we are continuing to
raise the bar for cutting-edge action, role-playing and strategy games,"
commented Barbara Schwabe, vice-president of marketing for Sierra. "We’ve
worked very hard to set the stage with our strategic move into the console
arena and we’re very pleased with the caliber of games we’re bringing to
next-generation gamers everywhere."



VS. PREDATOR 2: This is the PC sequel to the most terrifying PC game of 1999.
Based on the combination of the most highly successful sci-fi franchises in
movie history, AVP 2 takes players to a world where species battle species in
the ultimate game of survival. Aliens vs. Predator 2 is being developed by
Monolith Productions on the PC.


OF STEAMWORKS AND MAGICK OBSCURA: Arcanum(tm): Of Steamworks and Magick
Obscura is a new PC role-playing game from Troika Games, founded by key
members from the development team behind the award-winning role-playing game,
Fallout(r)*. Named for the world it is set in, Arcanum opens in an age where
magic and technology coexist in uneasy balance. An industrial revolution has
swept across the fantasy realm of Arcanum, and players must choose their path
– magic or technology – in their quest across the massive world.


HARD: NAKATOMI PLAZA: Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza combines all the exciting
elements of the original Die Hard movie in an action/adventure game set in the
3D environment of Nakatomi Plaza. With 40 floors of new office space under
construction, John McClane must navigate his way through terrorists, civilians
and hostages to save himself and his wife from the terrorists who have this
high rise of horror under siege. It is being developed by Pirhana Games for
the PC.


EARTH: Empire Earth is the debut title from Stainless Steel Studios, but not
the first for company founder Rick Goodman, who was lead designer for the
best-selling and critically acclaimed strategy game Age of Empires(r). In
Empire Earth, gamers attempt to dominate the Earth in land, sea, and air
battles, while advancing their civilizations through over 500,000 years of
"history," from the Paleolithic age to the 24th century. Empire
Earth lets gamers carry out a night attack with a column of Patton’s tanks,
command French Grenadiers in the Napoleonic Wars, send Alexander the Great and
an army of phalanxes to raze a troublesome city-state, and much, much more.


OF THE RING: In development by Seattle-based WXP, Inc., The Fellowship of the
Ring will be released in early 2002 for the Xbox video game system. The
Fellowship of the Ring is a third-person action/adventure game set in the
world of Middle-Earth. In the game, players take the persona of Frodo Baggins,
an unassuming hobbit who has been unwittingly thrust into a battle between
good and evil. J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings have set
the standard for fantasy writers and creators of epic worlds. The novels are
massive best sellers, having sold close to 100 million copies worldwide and
been translated into 26 different languages.


BLUE SHIFT: Blue Shift is an all-new single player episode surrounding the
Black Mesa security guard introduced in Valve’s classic action thriller,
Half-Life. In development on PC by Gearbox Software, creators of the
critically acclaimed Half-Life: Opposing Force(tm), Blue Shift also contains
the Half-Life HD Pack, which automatically upgrades the weapons and characters
of all the games in the Half-Life saga with new high definition content.


PLAYSTATION 2: The best first-person shooter of all time comes to the
PlayStation 2. Half-Life combines great storytelling with intense action and
advanced technology to create the greatest action experience of all time.
Originally created for the PC by Valve, this legendary 3D action thriller is
coming to PlayStation 2, developed by Gearbox Software. This time around,
gamers will get Half-Life’s classic Deathmatch for 2-4 players and an
exclusive, brand new cooperative campaign, Half-Life: Decay, to take on solo
or with a friend.


DRAMA: As Jonny Drama, movie star turned secret agent, players must stop the
evil Dr. Bumbershoot from executing his sinister plan to destroy the world. In
true secret agent fashion, Jonny must use his arsenal of spy gadgets,
disguises and vehicles to defeat his arch nemesis and discover the truth about
his own forgotten past. Featuring a patent pending real-time animation engine
and proven gameplay features, Jonny Drama is sure to be a hit with Xbox gamers
of all ages.


ONE LIVES FOREVER: In development on PlayStation 2, this game will feature
four new prequel levels highlighting beautiful Agent Cate Archer in her
younger days as a thief. Recently, the PC game was honored as PC Game of the
Year and PC Action Game of the Year. No One Lives Forever is being developed
by Monolith Productions and will debut on PlayStation 2 this year.


OF DARKNESS: Japanese mythology and fast-paced multiplayer mayhem combine to
make Throne of Darkness(tm) a must-have title for action-oriented role-playing
fans. This inaugural game from Click Entertainment, a group of 24 veteran game
designers, takes the action/RPG model pioneered by Blizzard Entertainment’s
Diablo(r) game into a new direction with a unique storyline and
ground-breaking multiplayer capability.


PLAYSTATION 2: In development by Inevitable Entertainment, the highly
anticipated Tribes 2(tm) PC game, sequel to the 1999 Online Game of the Year,
is coming to the PlayStation 2. Unlike other shooters, Tribes for the
PlayStation 2 brings true team multiplayer action to the PlayStation 2
computer entertainment system for the first time, and delivers a 3D action
experience that makes traditional action gaming seem stale and flat. Gamers
will indulge in some of the most exciting gameplay available today, from
firing up jetpacks to go vertical, engaging in aerial combat, jetting over
massive canyons and daunting mountain ranges to deliver mayhem from above.



as an innovative industry leader, Fox Interactive, an operating unit of Fox
Filmed Entertainment, a News Corporation company, is committed to producing a
full range of bold and engaging interactive entertainment. The company
produces and co-publishes computer and video game software based on Fox
franchises as well as new and original properties. Fox Interactive games
feature a number of the company’s television and movie properties including
The Simpsons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aliens, Die Hard, and The X-Files.
Original properties such as No One Lives Forever have garnered critical
acclaim and received Game of the Year awards from enthusiasts’ magazines



On-Line, Inc., a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal
Publishing and part of the Vivendi Universal Games division, is one of the
original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive
entertainment and productivity software. Sierra is renowned for releasing
critically acclaimed and award winning titles that represent a wide variety of
computer entertainment on both next generation console and PC platforms.



Universal Games (VUG) is a division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, a world
leader in mass-market multimedia communications. A leading publisher of
online, PC and console-based interactive content, VUG’s portfolio of
entertainment software brands includes Blizzard Entertainment(r),, Sierra(tm) and Universal Interactive Studios. Games are one
of parent company Vivendi Universal’s key content areas, along with movies,
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