Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows delayed, physical version cancelled on Xbox One

Also a price increase for the physical version

Developer Yachtclub Games has announced today that the Plague of Shadows DLC for Shovel Knight has been delayed and the physical version is cancelled on Xbox One.

In a statement on the company's blog, they cite "publishing policies on the platform that are totally beyond our control" has caused the game's physical release to be cancelled. Along with this notice came the announcement of a price increase for the physical version from $19.99 to $24.99 as well. Yachtclub cites the reason being is that at the original $19.99 price the game would need to be in the "bargain basement" section and thus limit sales. The increase will allow the game to be placed in the standard areas for sale in most retailers.

Due to these delays, the game will now be delayed and released on November 3rd in the US and Oct 30th in the UK. Even though the price has increased, the developer states that your original price should still be honored. Also, please note that the digital version of Shovel Knight will still be available on the Xbox Store and is not subject to cancellation. 

We've reached out to Yachtclub for comment and will let you know what we hear.