Shot-Online Leads The Way For New Online Gamers With the Master Program

Shot-Online Leads The Way For New
Online Gamers With the “Master” Program


(Sunnyvale, CA – April 4, 2005)

– If you’ve ever wished for a persistent online game where you could learn the
ropes in a hands-on, interactive fashion with a live human being – and not
just through a static tutorial or manual — Shot-Online has the answer for
you. Starting in April,  the “Shot-Online Master” program will give veteran
players a chance to teach newer online golfers the finer points of playing
golf in Shot-Online. Everyone wins with Shot-Online Master: The teachers will
be compensated for their efforts and the newer players will have the
opportunity to learn how to play the game from some of the best golfers in


Nine Shot-Online masters will be chosen until Thursday, April 7th 2005 at 5:00
AM CST. Qualifications for applicants to the master role will include ranking
at the level of amateur or higher after playing Shot-Online for a month or
more and a strong interest in teaching beginners how to play Shot-Online. The
masters will regularly open golfing school rooms in the Alfheim and Fensalir


The award for the masters is a valuable and unique item, which enhances game
play performance, plus 100,000 NG, the in-game currency, based on the
commitment to the program. To find out more details and how to join, please
visit the official Shot-Online website.


Shot-Online is currently in beta in North America, is an online golfing
simulation, featuring fully 3D graphics, motion captured animation, skill
enhancement, golfing item purchases and exchanges and quests. To find out more
details, and how to join the Shot-Online Master program, please visit the
official Shot-Online website. (


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