Ship Simulator 2006 and Ship Simulator 2008 to be digitally distributed by Meridian4

February 25, 2009

Meridian4 and V-Step Agree on a
‘Simulation’ Package!

Meridian4 is excited to announce
that they have signed an agreement with developer V-Step to help digitally
distribute their award-winning simulations; Ship Simulator 2006 and Ship
Simulator 2008 and their official add-ons.

"We are thrilled at the
opportunities Meridian 4 offers. Their strong digital distribution partner
network opens new avenues to have the Ship Simulator Series available to an even
wider audience." said Frank Dolmans, CMO at VSTEP.

"We are very impressed by V-Step’s
Ship Simulators. Their attention to detail, the graphics, the controls, the
sound… everything comes together to make great simulators. We are excited to get
these games out to a wider audience and we know simulation gamers will love
these titles.” said Andy Sher, CEO at Meridian4.

Ship Simulator 2006 and 2008, plus
their official add-ons will be available in the coming weeks on most digital
distribution channels. For more information, visit

About Ship Simulator 2006

Ship Simulator 2006 is a
revolutionary game that puts you at the helm of some of the most varied and
detailed ships to be found at sea, where you will need to perform a multitude of
tasks, all set within a stunning 3D environment. You will take control of a wide
array of ship types, from massive cargo ships to speedboats, yachts, water taxis
and even the mighty Titanic.

About Ship Simulator 2006 Add-On

The add-on pack for Ship Simulator
2006 features six completely new ships, varying from a historic yacht to a
massive modern cruise ship. Unlike the ships already in the game, you can do a
virtual walk on every ship of the expansion pack. Moreover, the ships of the
expansion pack allow for direct steering using the controls on the bridge.

About Ship Simulator 2008

Ship Simulator 2008 is the much
anticipated sequel to the highly successful, revolutionary simulation game; Ship
Simulator 2006. The game includes many new ships and harbors as well as
attractive new features like open sea missions, free roaming and exciting new
goal-oriented missions, advanced weather conditions, realistic waves, walk
through on the vessels and many more.

About Ship Simulator 2008 New

Challenge your friends online with
New Horizons, the official add-on for the hit game Ship Simulator 2008. Try your
hand at sailing a luxury cruise liner, a classic yacht or feel the impact of the
waves as you guide your fishing vessel home through a storm! New Horizons offers
new highly realistic environments and adds eight exciting new vessels for your
sailing pleasure. Includes all new missions and free roaming multiplayer mode