Share The Same Tattoo as Gears of War Star Marcus Phoenix

For those of you looking for some ideas for your next tattoo, this might be the one.  Epic Games' Director of Production Rod Fergusson released a hi-res version of Marcus' tattoo.  Now you can take this image to your local tattoo artist and get it inked into your skin so you can remember the Gears of War trilogy for ever!  If you're afraid of needles there are other options.  Stick it on your lunchbox, hang it up in a picture frame on the wall, laminate it and use it as a placemat at the dinner table.  The possibilities are endless.

I'm personally a believer in the whole "Don't advertise for free" motto, but this is by far the most useful hi-res image ever! Where would you get this tattoo on your body?

Gears of War 3 tattoo

Thanks Rod!