Shadows of Temuair Ready for Beta Testing Friday




Nexon Game Shadows of Temuair Ready for Beta Testing Friday!


CA, May 31 — A new massively multiplayer online role-playing game based off
the world of Dark Ages, the Shadows of Temuair, has been announced for a
scheduled open beta test for June 1st! Nexon USA’s Shadows of Temuair is a
separate game based on the same graphic engine as Dark Ages, but the gameplay
of the two games are completely different. With its deep political system,
organized religions, inside a complete society, Dark Ages has built a superb
reputation for its unique fidelity to traditional pen-and paper RPGs. Shadows
of Temuair is designed for adventure gamers who desire no in-game rules or
responsibilities, just the pure adrenaline thrill of exploration, conquest and


the game storyline, the world of Temuair has been invaded by a powerful,
hungry, shadowy force from another dimension. This irresistable element,
Chaos, leaves destruction and anarchy in its wake. The Aislings of Temuair are
using every resource available to keep the forces of chaos in check but a rift
between their worlds is forming. Those precious sparks that awaken within
Temuair may find themselves being inexorably drawn into a realm devoid of
order and reason, fighting to survive in the Shadows of Temuair…


more details about Shadows of Temuair, visit the Dark Ages website: 


more information about Nexon, visit the website Check
back often for availability of the Shadows of Temuair game client. Be one of
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